Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Persnickity Rules

I. MISSED.MY.FLIGHT! I MISSED MY FLIGHT! (Insert choice words here)
My flight was to depart at 6:30 this morning...early, but since I am a morning person, not that big of a deal. Well, I arrived and was parked EXACTLY on time to check in, get through security and make it to the gate with about 2 minutes to spare...BUT...the airline that I am flying, evidently, has a MINIMUM 2 HOUR PRIOR check-in. 2 hours???? What is that all about? The airport where I live is NOT big...only 12 gates....and NO entertainment available to occupy one for 2 WHOLE HOURS. I am beginning to think that they get kickbacks from the merchants in the terminal. Well, when I arrived, perfectly coiffed for my afternoon business meeting, and RIGHT on time by my precise calculations....I missed the ticket agents by 30 seconds...they had just left. AHHHHHHH! I did learn some important airline info though. The FAA shuts down the airlines ability to issue bording passes 30 mins prior to flying...they couldn't do it if they wanted to. Also, I learned that to fly standby on the next flight...Oh, I hope it isn't fully booked....I have to be checked in 3 hours before departure...3 HOURS!!! What on earth am I going to do for three hours? Don't they know that I have anxiety issues? After three hours of sitting in the airport, I might be climbing the walls...literally. (Oh, and I am not a fan of flying to begin with...medication is usually in order to fly at all.) So...three hours of anticipation, waiting, not knowing if I am actually going to get on the flight at all...well...I have a VERY fun day ahead of me.

To top this all off, I was going to meet Daring Young Mom for dessert and coffee, I won't even be able to do that. Me so sad.

Ok, I guess I will quit whining...had I researched, I could have printed my boarding pass off the internet, or I could have gotten there bad.

Sigh...I hope that you all have FABULOUS Wednesdays...I know that mine will be too...eventually.


At 12:06 PM, Blogger the voice said...

Yeah, being in the airport for even two hours is bad. I always thought that it was just a recommended amount of time to arrive before checking in. Ouch. Well, maybe God will use you while your waitng. Have a fantastic trip, and say hi to Kathryn, if you are able. God bless you, Ken

At 3:36 PM, Blogger Praying for your Prodigal said...

OMG! That is my worst nightmare come true! No--I take that back--traveling with my husband (he insists on being there early for the two hour ahead rule!!!!) is my worst nightmare!

Hope you have recovered from this...all I can say is...."Thank you Osama Bin Laden!" (Could you hear the sarcasm?


At 8:35 AM, Blogger Chaotic Mom said...

MAN! Now I'm wondering how things ended up!

And I'm going to make my reservations carefully now, need to call the travel agent...


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