Monday, April 10, 2006

Sunburned and Enlightened

I had a very cool weekend. I made the trip to my college town to see some friends. I started out Saturday mid morning with the top down on my car, thinking about how much I LOVE the town that I am heading to. I have many friends that remained there after college, who I miss dearly. The three hour drive was filled with sunshine, smiles, and solace. I turned the radio way up, and ignored my phone. I prayed...without too many Amens, but prayed nonetheless. There is a great job opportunity in that area for me right now. I am very experienced and qualified for the position, but have had doubts about applying for it. I prayed about it, got sick to my stomach about it, and called my fab sis-in-law for a little prayer backup about it.

Normally, when I crest the final hill coming into town, and can see the campus and downtown area, I get a flutter in my heart, like I am home. This time, no flutter. It was very sad to me to lack the excitement that I typically have, but I listened very closely to my heart the entire time I was there. I spent some quality time with all of my friends, and thoroughly enjoyed their company. I am blessed to have some great friends.

The lesson of the weekend: God speaks to us through our hearts, NOT our heads. I have been trying to "listen" to Him as one would listen to a parent. To obey what I know in my head is right....but that is the wrong have to listen with your heart. He spoke to me very clearly through my heart. I have applied for a few jobs in this area thinking that I just needed to "go home". None of them have ever worked out. I have thought that my station in life was due to worldly circumstances...not true. There is a specific reason that I am where I am right now. On my way home...again top down, radio blaring...I accepted that my heart does not belong in that town. I HEARD HIM!! I actually heard Him, accepted it, and understood it. It was totally amazing to realize this. Sad on some levels because of the draw to that town that I have always felt, but so very exciting to hear Him. I know that I belong where He wants me...I don't necessarily feel that I belong where I am right now, but at least we have eliminated one of the possibilities...there are still lots of towns in this world. One down....gabazillions to go. If He wants to eliminate them one at a time...I am game...

From a sunburned, relaxed, and enlightened child of His....Amen!


At 9:33 PM, Blogger the voice said...

Amen Sister! Perhaps someday God will want you back there, but for now, just accept that He wants you where your at, and let Him use you as he will. Things will become much clearer when you listen to Him.


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