Monday, April 17, 2006

She Buttonhooked Me

To those of you that are fans of Adam Sandler, you will think the title to this is Hilarious! To those of you that don't,'s not quite as funny, but you will still get the point.

A little business...To my fellow LBY sisters...I am gaining on you! I am almost finished with day 2 of week one.... :)

I am thinking of starting another that people can VENT about their mothers...completely anonymously...just a thought...

And now, for the next chapter in the Chronicles of Momia.

In order to understand this, I have to detail the happenings of yesterday. Easter Sunday.

My mom and Grandmother attended the Easter Sunrise Service with me. I was SOOOOOO excited that they were there. I had volunteered to help out, and was unable to actually sit with them...which made my mom a little angry. Well, my bestest friend's parents were in town from Colorado, and they joined Mom and GM for the service. BF's parents have invited me to go to the beach with them...which I haven't told anyone...because I am THIRTY...and I don't think that EVERYONE needs to know when I wipe my bootie. Well, BF's parents doted on me, and told Mom and GM how excited they were that I was going, and that they felt like I was a part of the family...flattering to me...evidently insulting to my Mom. (I must tell you that my roommates...that I see every day...didn't even know about the trip) Anyway. BF told me about all of this before I went to meet the whole fam for I was a little prepared for what was about to happen. (Oh, and Mom shot me a look that could kill after the service because I wouldn't be riding with her and GM to breakfast) Well, I arrived perfectly on time, we had a nice time. As we were exiting the restaurant, Mom and I had a BRIEF moment alone. I told her that I have a job interview on Wednesday, but that I haven't told anyone in an effort not to jinx it....her response....drumroll, please...(in her VERY stern and cold tone) "Well, I am not anyone special." And exit stage right. Yep, not congratulations, or inquiry as to what kind....nothing. For all she knows at this point, I have an interview to be a greeter at Wally World. NEATO.

As the day went on, and with a little help from the world of chemistry, I got over it. I even called to tell her thank you for going to church with me...she didn't answer. But, thanks to BF, and some FABULOUS meds, I was able to attend my usual church service, and TOTALLY enjoy aunt and uncle attended with me...and it meant the world to me that they were there...

Onto the lessons of the service...sorry for the length of this blog...all of this truly occurred before noon on Easter...and I ended up in bed at 5 pm was just too much to take. The children's lesson was about resurrection and what our favorite day of the year is. The main point...every day is a new day! The sermon, truly wonderful, was, I forget right now...but I know that I loved it, and that it spoke to me.

I truly love each and every one of you, and I pray that God is working in your lives the way that He is working in mine.

Happy Monday!

P.S. If anyone else could benefit from the "venting" blog, let me know...


At 4:15 PM, Blogger Lauren said...

Sorry to hear that your mom made Easter difficult. Happy to hear you're catching up in the study. :)

At 10:36 PM, Anonymous shannon from rocks in my dryer said...

Ugh. Just...ugh. I've got your back, Sister.

At 11:18 AM, Blogger Nancy said...

I also had some Dramomma (Mom Drama) on Easter. It was totally my fault. I did not (nor did my children) call to thank my mom for the wonderful Easter goodies she sent to us. Yes, it was ungrateful. Yes, I neglected to send her goodies, a card or even an email. I tried to call Mom about ten times on Sunday to wish her a Happy Easter. At 8pm I got tired of the busy signal and called my brother's line. He put Mom on the phone.
"Is your phone off the hook? I have been calling for hours."
"I guess it is. Did you get the box that I sent?"
"We did. Thank you."
"Did you like what I sent you?"
(Brief pause as I scramble to think of what it was.....)
"Oh! yes! the necklace! I love it. I wore it to church today."
No response.
(I change the topic.)
"We are going to the Egg Roll at the White House tomorrow."
"Why are they having it on Monday?"
"They always hold it on Monday."
"DH said you called on Saturday. I'm sorry that I hadn't called back, but I have been crazily busy."
"Well, I've been busy too."
(I know she has. She is very involved in her church and the community.
I decide not to tell her about DH being sick, setting up for children's ministries at church, camping out for the tickets, taking my kids to swim lessons and art classes, visiting the Baltimore aquarium to give them some semblance of a spring break activity, etc., etc. ALL between Friday and Saturday night.)
I spent the rest of the day feeling like a failure as a daughter. She really does do wonderful things for me and the kids....every week, not just at Easter. I feel bad for not voicing my appreciation.
Anyway, the mother-daughter relationship is one of the trickiest. Hope your interview went well. Your Mom still loves you.


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