Tuesday, April 11, 2006

One Day In the Grey

Oh, yeah. A day in the grey! Oh yeah. A day in the grey! (my own little song)
Yesterday was a FABULOUS day! I didn't obsess, I got lots of stuff done, I had a great quiet time, I had a beer with my bestest friend....does anyone else see the judicial icon of balance, or is it just me?

Ok, something I have been thinking about, after being prompted to address it, has become more clear. It was pointed out to me that my blog is a contradiction in and of itself. Can you struggle to be heard, and still bound out of bed with a smile on your face every day? Yep, you sure can.

Every day is a new beginning, it is a gift from God. How you deal with life's termoil and tests is a clear determining factor of who you are. I have dealt with some pretty dark issues on here. (Because they are "my deepest thoughts") I have also shared lessons, and joys. I am struggling to decipher who I am...not Melissa the daughter, or sister, or friend, or designer, or salesperson, but really who I am. (Funny because Melissa isn't my real name) :) Dealing with the daily happenings in my life are helping me to see who I am, and to hear HIM...not me...HIM. Coming to these understandings can be dark, painful, blissful, and joyous all at the same time. So, my apologies to the one that prompted me to this...I know you don't agree. I know that you love me, and that you support me...this doesn't mean you always have to understand me...after all, I often don't understand myself. I love you more than any words will ever be able to express. You are my rock, my shelter, my support, my rescuer, my "tell me no" person...and you aren't even my parent...how amazing to have such a wonderful person in my life! Today, I send you the BIGGEST HUG! Thank you for everything you have done for me, with me, about me, etc.



At 7:00 AM, Blogger Chaotic Mom said...

This was a very beautiful, open post.


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