Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Get Back Up

Yesterday was hard. I was sad, defeated, lost, etc. I talked to one of my friends yesterday. She quickly reminded me that I have better days when I go to church on Sunday, and when I go walking in the evening...she is so right. We walked last night. I feel better today, not fabulous, but better.

I got up this morning and prepared to do my Bible study...still no progress. I hopped on my trusty computer and started reading the daily devotion e-mails that I subscribe to. Better still. My mind is still reeling, but what I have learned in the past - garbage in, garbage out. I am very aware of the thoughts this morning and what they are focusing on. It is God, asking for forgiveness, getting back up. The songs that are running through my head this morning are cold comfort, but are far from garbage. I hear the words "I am a flower quickly fading , here today and gone tomorrow." and "Get back up, get back up." These may seem bleak to you, but they are parts of very sweet Christian songs. I have quit listening to regular radio. I listen to Christian radio and CD's...it is amazing how it sticks in my head. Thinking about this reminds me of a very sweet woman. Her name was Hettie Lou, and she ran the church camp that I attended every summer as a child. She was talking to us one day and said..."don't tell me that the music you listen to doesn't affect what you think...I hear you over there singing the lyrics..." Garbage in, garbage out.

Thanks Hettie Lou...wherever you are.


At 11:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to a women's retreat in April, and the retreat was at a camp in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The camp was run by "Hettie Lou".
She was one of the best speakers I had ever heard at a Christian seminar. She really enlightened me to my role as a woman of God. I have been searching for information about her online, and I found your post. There are two women's retreats during the year and two men's retreats. The summer months are reserved for youth camp. She said something similar about movies -- garbage in/out. Just thought this might be the same Hettie Lou! When I got back to my hometown, I bought a ton of Christian CD's and I haven't stopped listening to them and thinking about the awesome words Hettie Lou spoke during her women's seminar entitled "From Tent to Temple". I have heard that the next retreat is in October. God bless!


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