Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Party

Have you ever been to a party and tried to do everything that you could to help the host or hostess? Well, my bible study today made a GREAT reference to this.

Our "callings" are referenced as His party. We are invited guests...not host assistants. We are invited to share in His party...with NO obligation to clean the kitchen, or refill the cheese tray. We are not being selfish by sitting and enjoying the company of His is what He wants. (I always wondered why He is called the Host of Hosts)

Consequently, my study also talked about what are role as His ambassadors is. (Hope that is not incorrect grammar...oh well.) A thought popped into my head about why I am truly sharing all of this with you in my blog...I have always thought that it was purely selfish of me...just getting things off my chest. I have been using this as an exercise for therapy. I am trying to wrap my mind around the concept that we are not to do things of this such for personal gain. Wow, this is difficult. We are to minister to others, as ambassadors of His. I pray that I am led to know that I am not being an ambassador of Melissa, but of God.

And...full circle...I wrote several days ago about riding the wave of anxiety back to the study today also referenced a wave...WEIRD! "Stop riding your own dreams....ride the tide of My plan for you."

Today...I am dawning my party hat and my wet suit. Enjoy the festivities, and ride His wave.


At 10:24 AM, Blogger momrn2 said...

Very insightful! Beautiful! I have never thought much about the Host of Hosts thing either, but that sure fits! I am definately going to get this study. Sounds absolutely phenomenal!

And as for feeling bad about what you are posting on this blog? It's yours... you can do whatever you need/ want to do! That's part of the beauty of the blogging world. There really are no rules! Post away girl!!

At 11:09 PM, Blogger Christa said...

Hey! Thanks for posting on my blog, and I think after just reading this post that we may have more in common than you think. I just recently realized how truly selfish I am, and even after realizing it and praying about making service to others as natural as breathing for me, I still find myself thinking about what I want versus "what does my husband want" or "what do my kids want". I mean, you know, most of the big things we do, we do for others. For me, my struggles with my job have lead me to that place where I know I want to serve my family and God and my time will not be usurped by the almighty dollar. Enjoying your blog... I'll be back.


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