Monday, March 06, 2006

El Presidente to 4-Wheelin

Ok, well, I didn't think I was going to post this, but it is too funny not to share. I went to an all girl party on Saturday night...lots of fun, but disastrous to my efforts to not drink...we all slip every once in awhile...merely a speed bump right...well, please don't judge me for this...see the humor in it all.

Well, anytime you get that many girls together - there were 15 of us - you are eventually going to go out looking for men...right? Well, after we finished off the wine...we headed out on the town...first stop - piano bar. I had enough to drink, so I let someone else drive my car....something I would NEVER do! We parked, and walked to the bar. Upon entering, I noticed several guys in wedding party. Well, as I looked closer, they were all friends of mine from High is such a small world...I talked and listened, and drank entirely too much...but still managed to maintain my Scarlett O'Hara charm. Well, they turned the lights on in the bar...that is my cue that it is time to go...and one of my dear friends left with me to insure that I was safe...well, since I hadn't driven...I HAD NO IDEA WHERE MY CAR WAS!!!! Oh this was very bad...long story short, I ended up staying at the Peabody the PRESIDENTIAL SUITE...for the price of a regular room!!!!!! Glad I did to...I know better than that...but THE PRESIDENTIAL SUITE!!!!!

On to Sunday..woke up...took a shower in one of the three bathrooms..and laid around until checkout time...still not knowing where my car was..I made some phone calls, and a friend came to pick me up...she found out where my car was ...and rescued me from walking aimlessly through downtown trying to find my car. Well, I felt the need to share my story with someone, so I called my long lost valentine, and I think he might have wet himself laughing at me. We ended up at his dad's house riding the four wheeler....something I have NEVER was SOOOOOOOOO cool...and to add to the can imagine how cute I look by this makeup, and clearly damaged from the festivities of the previous night...we were riding through a VERY exclusive part of town...I had on my sorority letters, a hat, and was riding the back of a 4 wheeler...was I really the same person who woke up in the Presidential Suite at the Peabody that same morning???

Well, it was a FUN regrets, I made the choices....and believe me and my migrain, I am still paying for them. We all slip sometimes...merely a speedbump in my quest....


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