Wednesday, February 15, 2006


That is what keeps running through my head. I will try to tell you all about why without divulging anyone's identity...if you need names, e-mail me.

OH MY GOSH...ok, so I was sitting at home yesterday, not really doing anything...just enjoying my day off. I get an instant message from an old familiar name. I thought surely this can't be who I think it is. Memories of my first valentine(he was my preschool sweetheart), my first kiss(he was also my jr. high bo), and an amazing friend instantly ran through my mind at the speed of a freight train. It was HIM...

I won't go into any more detail, but I cancelled my Valentine's date...last minute...I know, I am HORRIBLE, but I hung out with my long lost first love and had the greatest time reminiscing.

The weirdest part....this is the SECOND time this has happened between us...I moved away in kindergarten, then came back in jr.high, and now this....

What a great Valentine's Day!!!


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