Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Blogging Mind

For any of you that blog, I am sure you have the same thoughts about blogging that I do. I often think of blogs throughout the day or week that I would like to write about. Since this has become my "journal", I am no longer carrying one, so I do not write these down. This being said, I have had LOTS of thoughts in the last few days about things that I would like to write about....but I don't remember them all. This one is a combination of all of the ones that I can remember.
I have been doing a lot of thinking about where my therapy is going....I have graduated to every other week instead of every week....a very scary graduation, but good nonetheless. I believe that she has given me the tools to deal with the situations in my life that crop I just have to put them in motion. I have decided to keep my normal therapy days to myself. If I don't go to therapy, I plan on spending that time for me. Talking to God, being alone, reflecting on how I am doing, etc.
I have also been thinking a lot about my dating situations, I have compromised some of the things that I was looking for in a mate in an effort to just get out there. I am taking stock of that again, and will be getting back to my original thoughts of "qualifications" again. Some of these things include, but are not limited children from previous relationships (just can't go down that road again), belief in God (not willing to compromise on this), level of maturity and the ability to see the world as I do, and the list goes on...but these are the big ones.
Hmmm what else....
Oh...running....I have a tendancy to run, to turn my back when I don't like the situation...well, I have thought that my therapist is the only think keeping me where I am right now. My roomate also has the same tendancies....not a good combination, BUT we had a long conversation yesterday about the fact that neither of us are particularly happy (hers involves a marriage, mine does not). I went back to a previous entry (Divine Sunday) and read her about the children's sermon and the sheep. We talked about this for a very LONG time. We are two lost sheep, and instead of running to seek God, we must lay down and ask Him to find us. We must keep our eyes open, and have faith, but He will leave his flock to find the one lost sheep. I prayed that she could experience the same feeling that I get when I can FEEL God with me. I don't know if she did, and she might never admit it, but prayers are the best gift that anyone can give.

Prayer requests: my FAB roomie's happiness, my family and friends' well being, and whatever you can muster about my future. Things are very unsure right now, but I have faith that I am being led somewhere.


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