Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Purely Fiction, A Fairytale

A beautiful, successful princess sits quietly at her desk staring at her computer. She plans for her future. What kind of house she will live in, what kind of car she will drive, what kind of relationship she will have, what will her Prince Charming look like, how will her faith in God develop?

While thinking, almost to the point of obsession, she realizes that her life, for all of it's faults, has been pretty amazing. She has encountered the strife of a life in today's world, but has always landed on her feet. She has led a privileged life. She hasn't wanted for anything. Her career was always what she expected it to be. Her relationships...all preparation for her Prince Charming. Her God; perfect, fatherly, and ever present, although not always acknowledged. Her family, in their chateaus, are faulted but loved.

While contemplating all of this, she is quickly reminded by the ringing of her cell phone, that the present awaits. Jolted back into the reality that the bills have piled up, that she is not doing what she wants to with her career, that she is alone. She looks to God. He holds her, He loves her, but she still can't give into the FACT that He has a plan for her. She has free will, and can't help but think that her decisions have gotten her to this, very low, point in her life. He has picked her up before, but the low seems overwhelming today. What brings her hope? God.

This modern princess of sorts has problems, not unlike the fairytales of the past...they didn't tell us about those parts. Rapunzel...spent too much money on her shampoo, Snow White....couldn't please all of the dwarfs, Cinderella...still had a screwed up family.

So, what does this modern princess want, what does her fairytale consist of? Ultimately looking within herself to trust God with her search for Prince Charming, to trust God to lead her in the career path that He has for her, to trust God that it is not her will being done, but His. So, what does she do from here?

PRAY! Pray like she never has before, give it all to Him, glorify His name, look to Him for guidance, and hold on tight...cause it could get bumpier before the smooth sailing.

So, is that it? Is smooth sailing what her fairytale is? No, it is contentment. Contentment in the life that God has in store for her. What is she to do from here? "Just Breathe"

Princess Melissa


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