Friday, January 13, 2006

A Little Excitement, at least for me

Online dating. Something I never thought I would find acceptable, but a tool that has become a wonderful outlet for my desire to have attention from the opposite sex. While I am not in a relationship, I tend to be a little "boy crazy". I seek the affections and attentions of men to fill some sort of void in my life. If you want to dig deeper it deals with my relationships with my parents and my hesitation at many points in my life to allow God to "fill that desire". So, here I am. I have played the bar games of dating, and just would up empty, alone, and feeling worse about myself than I did to begin with. A while ago, I signed up for an online dating that promises to match you with people that you are compatible with. Well, in the time that I have been on there, I have only had 6 matches, all out of town, and none of them really interesting. So about a month ago, I signed on to another such service. This one...a little less regulated, but MUCH faster paced, is a considerable ROI compared to the other. Well, I now have to deal with the DIRTY OLD MAN factor...these are men that clearly are below what I would accept to date. I have had messages from the WHOLE gamut of people. I even had one that asked for friendship with benefits...nice concept, but he was quickly ignored and blocked. Oh yea, the ignore button...the single woman's greatest ally in online dating. Someone im's you, you have a minute to check out their profile and picture...don't like what you see, hit ignore. Kinda reminds me of those commercials with the easy button...well, it has saved me from many a redneck and/or dirty old man. I wish that I could carry that button around in my pocket and use it in the physical world. What is funny in all of this is that although I would NEVER consider going out with 90 percent of the people that have tried to contact me, the attention does help the old self-esteem, flattering to know that someone can be attracted to me and only know a very little about who I am and what I look like. Ok, so now that I have given you a little history of my dating life at this point, I will get to the purpose of this blog.

I have met, in person, five people that I have been communicating with through the web. I have figured out, and maybe it is justtification to make me feel like I am not a freak for doing this, but that it is actually safer than the methods of meeting people than I have used in the past. I always tell my rooommates where I am going, who I am meeting, and I NEVER put myself in a situation that I would not be comfortable in...I always meet them in public places so as not to put myself in danger if they turn out to be Jeffrey Daumer. How is this different than what I have done in the past to meet people? Well, traditionally, I would go out with a group of friends to a bar, find a cute boy, and flirt shamelessly. Often exchaging phone numbers without knowing ANYTHING about them. The dating from there usually goes the way that they, still very much a stranger, would come pick me up at my house, and we go on a date. What is wrong with this you might ask? I usually didn't even know their last name, and no one else knew what I was doing or where I was going...see the difference??? So, the internet thing...I am a little more guarded, and a LOT more careful.

The real reason for this blog??? You will have to wait until next week...I have a date on Sunday that I am VERY, VERY, VERY excited about. How's that for a clifhanger???? Oh, and for those of you that know me....don't call to ask me about this...I am not going to jinx this will just have to wait for the blog.

Love to you all! M


At 7:08 PM, Blogger Shannon said...

You really think I won't ask? You're nuts! :) Is it with who I think it is?

At 9:17 AM, Blogger Fairytales and Dreams said...

all I have to say is nope. keep reading...Love you!!!


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