Friday, January 20, 2006

Free Chicken

Due to the nature of my business, I am often put into a position to "prove" that the money that I have earned is the correct amount. I have had a rough couple of days. Yesterday, I was faced with proving a considerable amount of money that was due to me. I am dealing with a boss that is unable to hear explanation, and due to that, is very easily frustrated when we go through this process...which happens every month. After two, very heated, discussions regarding a large sum of money that I was about to lose, her boss got involved. I explained everything to him, just as I did to her. He understood, and signed off on everything. It was difficult to humble myself for the rest of the day, but I did the best that I could. This is an example of how God takes care of the little things. He knows my struggles, and is taking care of me, all the while showing me that doing the right thing is always better than trying to do the wrong. I, being VERY frustrated with the situation, returned to my desk in tears (a VERY unprofessional thing in my world), and I prayed. I asked for His hand to take my frustration, and I gave up to the fact that He would make it correct, even if it wasn't my way. Well, you know the outcome.

Secondly, I struggle in my career path to "get out there". I second guess my abilities, and often pass on things that I know I am capable of. Well, after the occurrence from earlier in the day, I was feeling better, but still frustrated at the fact that my career is not as fulfilling as I had hoped it would be. I received some VERY good news late in the day. A charity organization that I have been involved in for several months is auctioning the work that I have been doing. Yesterday, we found out that it will not only be mentioned, but featured in an issue of a prestigious local publication. The project began with me seeing that I had something that I could do to help the greater job is not one that affects life or death situations, so being able to help is something I wanted to do. Help the greater good. This is another example of God taking care of me. He knew that I needed the exposure for many reasons. to therapy...which can go well or badly depending on the topic of the evening. Instead of really dealing with any ONE issue, we simply talked about my progress. I have "leveled off". I started at the bottom, made some changes in my life, went into a self destructive tailspin, and have FINALLY made it to the building stage. My therapist, a very devout Christian, and I talked about God working through her. We talked about my personal journey with Him. She reminded me that God will take care of the details, IF we allow him to. She also reminded me that if we see the world through His eyes as opposed to our own, we will have the child-like excitement that I have always felt was part of my personality. It is not mine, but His. By seeing the world through His eyes, we will still live a rollercoaster life...but seeing it His way, the valleys don't "thud" against the earth, but the rollercoaster levels out. The entire coaster elevates, thus making the peaks higher and the valleys not as low. I am encouraged by all of this, and am "hanging out" with God. the title of this blog. In an effort to prepare for the next few months of not spending ANY unnecessary money, I ventured to the store. It was late, and as I was finishing my colossal shopping, I cruised past the deli. It was closing time, and apparently they are to throw the leftovers away. Long story short, I got a free rotisserie chicken from the nice deli man.

From a hungry, broke 30 year old...God works in mysterious ways.


At 2:16 PM, Blogger Shannon said...

Oh, man, I have to try that!


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