Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Divine Sunday

Alone time is something that is precious in today's world. We all seem to rush rush, and not take time for ourselves. Last night, I had the house to myself, and LOVED it. I just relaxed and enjoyed the silence. It was wonderful. I went to bed at a decent hour, an woke this morning to a clear head and a rested body. I spent some time "hanging out" with God this morning, then went downstairs for a cup of coffe. It was very relaxing. to church. I have been visiting a church with a friend while I research other churches and what I am looking for in a church family. While singing this morning...the people in front of me probably wished I would stop...I started thinking. I really threw myself into the song, and the words that were being spoken through this comfortable, yet familiar, service. I realized that I have been searching for the wrong reasons. I have been looking for a church that I felt like I "fit" in. This is not why I enjoy going. It is not because I know anyone there, or because the ceremony is familiar. I go to church because I learn. I learn about God, and the Bible, and the ins and outs of being a Christian. This morning, I decided to stop my search. I love where I am going, and the messages that are taught. I get a tingly feeling when I think about the closeness I feel to God while I am sitting there. I know that this feeling is not always going to be present, but it is more often than not. Today's sermon...the second half of a discussion on Psalm 23. It was amazing. I think the part that I enjoyed the most was the children's time. We always sing the first verse of "Jesus Loves Me" on their way to the front of the church, and it makes me smile every time. Today, they talked about playing follow the leader and how we are following the leader by being his sheep. They also talked about God's flock of sheep and how He will leave the flock to find the one lost sheep. It was a great lesson for the children...and for me. All of this being said, I am going to continue visiting this church. I might possibly join, but my next step is to find a Sunday School class that I enjoy. I am very excited about this new development in my life.

As I grow, I would like to share more of how God is working in the details in my life. I would like this to become a daily devotional of sorts, to share my time with God.

This week, I have been struggling with my financial future...see previous blog. Yesterday, I had a return customer that saved over $2000 by following my advice. I was honest with them, and they were able to take advantage of a very nice sale. Before they left, they pulled me aside and handed me a check. I graciously accepted, thanked them for their business, and told them to keep in touch. Later in the day, I opened that check to find a HEFTY sum of money. Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy, and God DOES take care of the details. I will be writing them a very sincere thank you letter.


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