Tuesday, January 24, 2006


"I've been dating since I was 15, where is he already?!?!?"

This is one of my FAVORITE quotes ever. It is from an episode of Sex and the City. The girls are sitting at breakfast discussing their current dating situations. This is Charlotte's sentiment about the fact that she continues to have one bad date after another. I TOTALLY identify with that statement. It is very difficult to be single in today's times. This online dating thing has produced LOTS of possibilities, and LOTS of BIG DORKS!!!

I know that I should trust Him to bring me the "one", but I am an anxious person. I have convinced myself that I have to actively seek this person. I could better focus my energies on seeking God, but for some reason, I continue to go on dates with ALL the wrong guys. Luckily, due to the nature of online dating, it is very easy to cut them loose at an early stage. All of this being said...I had another BAD date last night. We met for a very casual dinner, and talked about our divorce scenarios...to get it out of the way...his idea, not mine. Well, he was a great guy. Very sweet, attentive, insightful, and by my calculations, more of a woman than I am. We talked about camping. I, being a seasoned veteran of the pastime, discussed my many camping trips as an adult. I have spent 6 days backpacking across Colorado, been on several backpacking weekends to remote waterfalls, and can "rough it" with the best of them. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the modern amenities that one can find at an established campsite, but there is nothing quite as beautiful as sleeping under the stars in an area that is so far from civilization that you might not see another human for months. Some of the most beautiful places on this earth are in the middle of nowhere. I am fortunate to have seen a few of these such places. I am not really sure why I went into all of this...other than this is how I determined that my date last night was a bit of a wussy. His idea of camping is a pop-up camper with a fire built solely of Match Light Charcoals. (No offense to those of you that enjoy this) So, today, I have the duty of cutting him loose, while trying not to damage his seemingly fragile state....are there any strong men out there? I DO NOT want to be the man in a relationship. I am a girl, a very feminine being, and I have no intention of spending the rest of my life killing the spiders because my husband is a weenie.

My struggle for today...turn my focus back to God. A difficult task for me in the current "boy crazy" state that I am in. All I can do, is the best that I can do. After all, isn't admitting your shortcomings half of the battle?

Quote for the day: (I have a calendar that has some of humorous, uplifting sentiments) "God calls us to be faithful; He did not promise we would be successful.

For Today-----

Love, Charlotte


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